Vision and Mission

FORUM’S VISION The Forum is committed to the core values of equity, justice, environmental sustainability, efficiency of resource use, and democratisation of water governance. It recognises that water is a common pool resource, and that the brunt of water conflicts is borne by those who fall on the vulnerable side of gender, class, caste, ethnic and other divides. It is therefore important to resolve conflicts in a manner that sustains and protects the ecology and environment in general and water resources in particular, while ensuring that the poor and disadvantaged are assured of access to the water they need for their basic living and livelihood needs.

To achieve this vision, it is the Forum's mission to,

a. influence policies and actions at all levels, 

b. help prevent and resolve water conflicts in an environmentally and socially just manner, and 

c. create conditions for achieving participatory, equitable, and sustainable water use. 

The Forum aims to achieve these through stakeholder interactions, knowledge creation, policy advocacy, training, networking and outreach.

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