Books, Book Reviews, Articles on Water Conflicts


  1. Scarcity, Entitlements and the Economics of Water in Developing Countries: Sharing Water Peacefully by P. B. Anand (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008, ISBN 1843767686, 9781843767688, 310 pages)
  2. A Product of Politics on Big Dams: Indirect Economic Impacts of Dams, Case Studies from India, Egypt and Brazil (Editors: Ramesh Bhatia, Rita Cestti, Monica Scatasta, RPS Malik The World Bank and Academic Foundation, 2008, Pages: 371, Price: Rs 995)
  3. Conflict and Cooperation on Trans-boundary Water Resources by Richard E. Just and Sinaia Netanyahu (Published by Springer, 1998)
  4. Covenant Over Middle Eastern Waters: Key to World Survival by Joyce Shira Starr (Published by H. Holt, 1995)
  5. Global Water Resource Issues by G. J. Young (Published by Cambridge University Press, 1994)
  6. Hydropolitics along the Jordan River : Scarce Water and its Impact on the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Aaron Wolf (Published by United Nations University Press, 1995)
  7. Hydropolitics: Conflicts over Water as a Development Constraint by Atlantic Highlands, (Published by Zed Books, 1995)
  8. Managing Water for Peace in the Middle East : Alternative Strategies by Masahiro Murakami (Published by United Nations University Press, 1995)
  9. Reclaiming Public Water: Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World edited by Belén Balanyá, Brid Brennan, Olivier Hoedeman, Satoko Kishimoto and Philipp Terhorst (Published by Transnational Institute and Corporate Europe Observatory, January 2005 (1rst edition) March 2005 (2nd edition)
  10. Rivers of Discord: International Water Disputes in Middle East by Greg Shapland (Published by St. Martin's Press, 1997)
  11. Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World's Fresh Water Resources edited by Peter H. Gleick. Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security (Published by Oxford University Press, 1993)
  12. Water Resources and Conflict in the Middle East by Nurit Kliot (Published by Routledge, 1994)
  13. Water Wars: Coming Conflicts in the Middle East by John Bulloch and Darwish Adel (Published by Gollancz, 1993)
  14. Water, Peace and the Middle East: Negotiating Resources in the Jordan Basin edited by J. A. Allan. (Published by St. Martin's, 1996)
  15. Water: the International Crisis by Robin Clarke (Published by Earthscan in association with the Swedish Red Cross, 1991)

Book Reviews

  1. D’Souza, R. Water as Dispute and Conflict, 2008 (1) Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal (LGD)

Articles/ Papers/ Reports

  1. Mullaperiyar: A Plea for Sanity by Ramaswamy R. Iyer, Economic & Political Weekly, December 17, 2011 vol xlvI no 51
  2. National Water Policy: An Alternative Draft for Consideration by Ramaswamy R. Iyer, Economic and Political Weekly, June 25, 2011 vol xlvI nos 26 & 27
  3. Negotiate – Reaching agreements over water by Dore, J., Robinson, J. and Smith, M. (Eds) (2010), Gland, Switzerland: IUCN.
  4. From localized contestations to Terrains of Resistance: Water Conflicts making Statements around Odisha’s Landscapes by Pranab R Choudhury & Priyabrata Satapathy, Paper presented at The first Odisha Environment Congress 2010 held on 22nd to 24th December at Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
  5. Damming North East India: Juggernaut of hydropower projects threatens social and environmental security of region by Neeraj Vagholikar & Partha J. Das, 2010, Kalpavriksh, Aaranyak and ActionAid India. Pune/Guwahati/ New Delhi
  6. Water to the People: Drinking Water and Water for Livelihoods: Conflicts and Alternative Concepts in India by Uwe Hoering, April 2008 (Published by EED, Bonn, Germany and Water and Democracy Initiative, Centre for World Solidarity, Secunderabad, India)
  7. Performance and Development Effectiveness of the Sardar Sarovar Project by Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  8. Conflict Resolution In Transboundary Waters: Incorporating Water Quality In Negotiations by E. Eleftheriadou, Y. Mylopoulos
  9. Peri-Urban Water Conflicts: Supporting dialogue and negotiation edited by John Butterworth, Raphaèle Ducrot, Nicolas Faysse, and S. Janakarajan (Technical Paper series 50, irC international Water and sanitation Centre, Delft, the Netherlands, 2007)
  10. Legal Implications of Plachimada: A Case Study by Sujith Koonan (IELRC Working Paper, 2007 – 05)
  11. Water and conflict: Making water delivery conflict-sensitive in Uganda (Cecore, Redroc, Saferworld, Yodeo, August 2008)
  12. From Conflict to Cooperation in the Management of Transboundary Waters: The Nile Experience by Patricia Kameri-Mbote (Published in Linking Environment and Security – Conflict Prevention and Peace Making in East and Horn of Africa (Washington, DC: Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2005).
  13. Why Polavaram Dam must not be Built by Tony Stewart and V. Rukmini Rao
  14. Water Sharing Conflicts between Countries, and Approches to Resolving them by Umesh Parajuli, Maniruzzaman Miah, Khalilur Rahman, Shahid Hamid, Somnath Mukherjee, and George Verghese
  15. Fighting the Commoditisation of Water and the Marginalisation of Bhil Indigenous People in Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh in India - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach by Rahul Banerjee
  16. Spotlight On Indus River Diplomacy: India, Pakistan, And The Baglihar Dam Dispute by Robert G. Wirsing and Christopher Jasparro
  17. Water Democracy- Reclaiming public water in Asia: Essay collection presented by the Reclaiming Public Water Network, November 2007
  18. From the Groundwater up: Asserting water rights in India by Georgina Drew
  19. Atlas of hidden water may avert future conflict
  20. Water Conflict Chronology by Dr. Peter H. Gleick
  21. The Ganges water Conflict: A comparative analysis of 1977 Agreement and 1996 Treaty by Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman
  22. Mapping Uses and Competition for Shared Water Resources: Conflicts and Values in Mkoji Sub-Catchment, Tanzania by Leon M. Hermans, Reuben M.J. Kadigi, Henry F. Mahoo, Gerardo E. van Halsema


  1. Water conflicts: An annotated bibliography for 1996-2001 by Olga Baeva