EPW Special issue on Water Conflicts 

Selected case studies from the first book on water conflicts were published in the Economic Political Weekly. Click here for the specific case studies 

Case Studies by workshop participants 

Forum organized three training workshops on understanding and resolving water conflicts in the last phases. 
  1. 5-8th April, 2010 at Ernakulum Kerla in collaboration with Chalakudy Puzha Samrakshan Samiti 
  2. 18-22 July, 2011 at Satapada (Chilka lake), Odisha in collaboration with Odisha State Centre
  3. 23-26 January, 2012 at Guwahati, Assam in collaboration with Aaranyak, Centre for Environment, IIT (Guwahati), Arghyam and SaciWATERs-CapNet Network
These training workshops were aimed at introducing participants to the basic concepts, debates, theoretical and analytical approaches and emerging issues related to water conflicts and their resolution in India. As part of the methodology, participants were requested to prepare a short case study on any water conflicts they know. Forum provided a format and these case studies were used for group work and/or for individual presentations during the training programmes. The authors were also provided individual feedback. In the light of all these, most of the authors revised the case studies. Most of the participants were either young researchers (including M. Phil and Ph. D. scholars) or activists. Click here for the complete list.

Note that these are the unedited versions of the case studies. The opinions expressed in these case studies are of the authors. In case you have any comments or suggestions do get back to us and/or to the respective authors. 

Literature Reviews

In the context of the position paper on Water Entitlements and Allocations for Livelihoods and Environment, prepared by the Forum, literature reviews were prepared by Amita Kaushik. The Forum has come to its “position” after great deal of debate and brainstorming and this literature review has tried to support the position that the Forum seeks to adhere.