Intern Reports

  1. Abhishek Patane (April-June, 2016)                                                                                                         Exploring Motives: Unfolding the conflict over the Kharun Riverfront Development                                                 
  2. Prerna Prasad (April-June, 2015)
    Hasdeo Sub-basin report: Environmental Flows Theme 
  3. Jayanthi Pushkaran (August-October, 2014)
    Hydropolitical Vulnerability of the Mullaperiyar Dam: Institutions Involved and Options Explored 
  4. Shridhar A. (June-July, 2014)
    Hasdeo river: Human Interventions and its Impacts 
  5. Paroma Wagle (June-July, 2014)
    Resolving Water Conflicts: A review paper 
  6. Anuj Goyal (May- June, 2014)
    Seven New Barrages: Giving Birth to Many Conflicts
    Hasdeo-Bango Project: Changing Allocation Pattern