Articles on Water Conflicts 

  • Pani Sangharsh Chalwal: A case study from South Maharashtra 
    In this article, Devale and Paranjape speak about the diffeent struggles around water to secure water rights of the community, that led into a movement. In the last htree decades, this ,ovement has spread physically as well as in terms of contents and idea. To read the entire article, click here


Articles written by Shripad Dharmadhikary


Critique on GoI Report 'Assessment of Environmental flows in India'

The GoI recently released a report titled 'Assessment of Environmental flows in India'. The report is a first in its detailed acknowledgement of the importance of E-flows, and its implementation would be a welcome change. The report however it still is found lacking in some respects, Latha Anantha offers her critique. Click here to read the report.

Odisha Resource centre 

  • River Basin Transect 1: January to March 2010
    This article talks about the salient features of the rivers Mahanadi, Indravati, Baitarni, Brahmani, Subarnarekha and Vamshadhara. 
  • River Basin Transect 2: April to June, 2010
    The article speaks about the water allocations and news on the hydel projects in the Odisha state. It also gives details about pollution and floods in some of the important rivers in Odisha. 
  • River Basin Transect 3: July to September, 2010
    The quarterly news article is based on the research done by the Odisha Resource Centre on the river basins across the Odisha state.