Mahanadi Basin Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 1
July-September, 2016
‘The Mahanadi Basin Newsletter’ since its inception in November 2014 has published four issues so far. The newsletter started with the aim of sharing insights on Forum’s ongoing work in the Mahanadi basin. Moreover, Forum believed that this will be a better way to communicate with stakeholders from within and outside the basin who are interested in different issues of the water sector and thereby build a larger network.
This is the last year of Forum’s four year research on the Mahanadi basin and almost all the thematic groups have completed their field visits and analysis based on primary and secondary data. Each theme has identified certain sites in the basin for detailed analysis. These insights were shared with stakeholders from both Chhattisgarh and Odisha during the common stakeholder meeting on 11th August, 2016. The meeting was important considering the ongoing water dispute between the two states about allocation and sharing of the Mahanadi waters. The press note of the meeting is available on the Forum’s website under the Events section.
The current issue of the newsletter consist three articles. The first article presents insights on the field visit made by Neha Bhadbhade, Research Associate with the Forum, working with the environmental-flows in the Mahanadi basin. The next two articles are contributed by Abhishek Patane, who was interning with the Forum for two months. Abhishek, a student at TISS, looked into the various ongoing or emerging conflicts in the Mahanadi basin. He then conducted a detailed study on the Kharoon Riverfront Development Project on river Kharoon, situated near Raipur city. 
Do send us your views and suggestions on these three articles. We also encourage our viewers to contribute articles or any stories from the Mahanadi basin or any type of water conflicts observed in other parts of India. We shall publish these short articles in our forthcoming issues.
The Editorial Team