Mahanadi Basin Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 1
November-January, 2014
We are very happy to place this first issue of ‘Mahanadi Basin Newsletter’ – a recent initiative of the Forum – in the public domainfor all the members of the Forum and others concernedabout water conflict issues in general and Mahanadi basin issues in particular. The Steering Committee (SC) of the Forum in its last meeting decided to bring out the Newsletter to bridge the communication gap between the Forum and the various stakeholders from the basin. The Newsletter is also meant to share the insights from Forum’s thematic work in the Mahanadi basin with all stakeholders in the basin and also develop a strong network. T he present plan is to bring out one issue every three months, i.e. four issues in a year, starting with this first newsletter. It would be brought out both in English and Hindi – both in soft form. It has set up an editorial team consisting of Forum secretariat, thematic groups and representatives from the Mahanadi basin. Eklavya Prasad, SC member of the Forum and also the editorial team, would work with the secretariat team in bringing out the Newsletter.
The Newsletter would contain a detailed section on the Forum’s ongoing research in the Mahanadi basin, which includes insights from the analysis of secondary data and the data collected through field visits and detailed update of each thematic activity (See the section of thematic update). The thematic work in the Mahanadi basin is taking place at two scales, first at the macro level where efforts are made to identify the pressing issues in the basin and to devise strategies to resolve the conflicts. These issues are further being evaluated at the micro level through stakeholder interaction.
The newsletter would also contain a section on Articles/ Stories, which gives an opportunity to any person/organisation to share with us information about the various issues in the water sector. These articles need not be related to the Mahanadi basin in particular. It is expected from the readers to share their valuable comments/ suggestions for the overall improvement of the content of the newsletter. The viewer’s are also encouraged to write to us to strengthen the ongoing Forum’s work in the basin.
The content and form of the Newsletter are still evolving. It is a work in progress. It would take a few years to give a final shape. So your comments and suggestions would be very valuable in its development.
The Editorial Team