The Forum (Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India) is an effort to bring together all those interested in working on issues related to water conflicts in India into a loose network for action and interaction.
 First Phase of the Forum: Understanding Water Conflicts
Documentation of different types of water conflicts in India had been the primary focus of the first phase of Forum’s work (2004 to 2008).
 Second Phase of the Forum: Towards Resolving Water Conflicts
In the second phase, while the earlier core activity of documentation continued, activities aimed at conflict resolution and prevention were also taken up. Two state resource centres were set up in the two states of Kerala and Odisha. The second phase was initiated in May 2008 and continued till 30 September 2012 mainly with Arghyam support.
 Third Phase of the Forum
In September 2012 the Forum has completed its second phase with the focus on activities mentioned above. Currently the Forum is preparing for its third phase. In the third phase the work of the Forum would have three major components: 1) core activities, 2) thematic activities and 3) opportunistic interventions.
 Thematic activity
The second part of the Forum’s programme is the thematic activity by taking up intensive work under certain relevant themes. These themes may change from time to time in response to the needs of the time. This can also broad base participation in Forum’s work as the thematic activity will be anchored by different individuals/organisations acting as theme leaders. At present, the Forum visualises five themes for its thematic activity in the third phase of its work, namely, 1) Right to water and sanitation (RTWS), 2) Conflicts and competition around groundwater resources, 3) Agricultural and industrial allocation and use, 4) Environmental flows within river basins and 5) Climate change and access to water - implications and potential of water laws.


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